An Intimate History of Breast-Feeding

Using the arc of my own complicated experience with new motherhood, MILK is an intimate cultural survey of infant-feeding that draws on histories of art, philosophical treatise, historical medical devices, folk wisdom and contemporary interviews with women from across the world to reveal how infant-feeding has been represented and repressed, celebrated and censured.


I'm a writer, cultural historian and lecturer and, for as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated by how we make sense of our worlds through making things and telling stories.

I'm a specialist in Southeast Asian art history, receiving my PhD from the University of Leeds in 2015. I have held lectureships at SOAS, University of Arts, University of Leeds and Sotheby's Institute of Arts. I currently teach at The Open University.  My research on Cambodian cultural history has been published in several academic journals and books. 

 In addition to my academic work, I now write nonfiction exploring cultural histories, memoir, feminism, our relationships to landscape, and more. My writing has been published in many outlets, including History Today and Wellcome Stories. 

My forthcoming book MILK: An Intimate History of Breastfeeding will be published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson in 2023.  

I am also the current writer-in-residence for the Urban Trees Festival and co-editor of the forthcoming book ASIA-ART-ACTIVISM. 

My agent is Jo Unwin at Jo Unwin Literary Agency